Introducing Stone Edge 2012

As opportunities have grown for multi-channel merchants, so have operational complexities. For many merchants, fulfilling orders, increasing inventory turns, minimizing out-of-stocks, maximizing customer service and improving overall business performance proves to be extremely frustrating.  Software solutions can provide the tools to ease these burdens, but quite frequently many systems are challenging to implement, difficult to learn, impossible to use and problematic  to support – all at price points that frequently cause sticker shock in an era of limited resources and budgets.

Throughout the years, we’ve listened as hundreds of merchants relayed these very anxieties. And that is why we’re particularly thrilled to release Stone Edge 2012, a real solution designed to support merchant growth at an affordable price that lends itself to quick return on investment.   Thousands of businesses already use Stone Edge to streamline their day-to-day operations, improve their productivity, and enhance their customer service levels.  But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Stone Edge customer Randy Henderson of Online Stores, Inc., says:

Stone Edge helped us grow from a home-based business to a top 500 online retailer. It tracks our inventory, purchase orders, invoices and shipments to customers, and helps us manage all aspects of our business.”

With Stone Edge 2012, merchants can have a proven, robust order and inventory management solution coupled with an easy-to-use interface, intuitive navigation, and instinctive work flows. New customers will be able to rapidly implement Stone Edge, effectively train their employees, and quickly get up and running. Our current customers will notice improved usability, better self-training capabilities, and reduced support requirements.

In a nutshell, how can Stone Edge support the multi-channel merchant?

    • Customer Management: Collect, organize, manage, and analyze vital customer information at all interaction levels to simplify the order and fulfillment process.
    • Purchasing: Reduce out of stocks and excess inventory by managing vendor information, automating the ordering/reordering process, maintaining purchase orders, confirming receipt of products, and generating payments.
    • Order and Inventory Management: Provide visibility, control, and efficiency over online, marketplace, in-store, catalog, or phone orders.
    • Fulfillment and Shipping: Automate order routing, returns and exchange processing, as well as shorten the shipping process with multiple carriers, including UPS, FedEx and USPS.

What benefits can the multi-channel merchant recognize from Stone Edge?

    • Run the business more efficiently and effectively while improving decision making.
    • Take the hassle and complexity out of order fulfillment activities to cut lead times and reduce errors.
    • Boost employee productivity, decrease order handling costs, and grow profitability.
    • Strengthen customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Check out our video to see what Monsoon Stone Edge 2012 can do for your business:

For a demonstration of Stone Edge 2012 or for more information, please contact


About John Seaner

Vice President Business Development and General Manager Stone Edge, Monsoon Commerce
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