17 Things You Will Learn at MonCon WEST

17 Things You Will Learn at MonCon WEST 2012The final countdown to the Monsoon Commerce Customer Conference is on.

To give you an idea of what online merchants, multi-channel retailers, and marketplace sellers will get out of attending MonCon WEST in Portland, OR, we’ve compiled a countdown of a few—17 to be exact—of the amazing smarts our speakers and sponsors are preparing to share at this one of a kind event:

  1. The absolute best strategies to use on Amazon to out compete everyone, include Amazon
  2. How to use product recommendations to boost average order and increase sales
  3. The secrets to super-efficient inventory management
  4. How to employ the most effective strategies on eBay and Half.com
  5. Email marketing best practices that you can begin using today
  6. Tips and tricks from Monsoon Commerce product power users
  7. The most effective pricing strategies, and how to apply them
  8. The proven techniques of the Internet Retailer Second 500 e-commerce companies
  9. How to nail, then scale, the new Google Shopping product search results
  10. How the software, tools, and supplies provided by our sponsors enable you to save money and increase customer satisfaction
  11. How to leverage the latest product trends to expand your business
  12. Which metrics are key to ensuring greater profitability
  13. How to get the most out of Amazon FBA
  14. A strategic planning model which you can use to map the 3 year course for your business
  15. How to expand to international markets
  16. How you can save $3K-$5K/year on merchant fees
  17. How you can leverage marketplaces to expand your reach and sell more, through more channels

Bonus: Opportunities to get your most pressing questions answered through 1-on-1 sessions with our technical support staff, networking with your peers, participating in lunch roundtable topics, and spending time with the Monsoon Commerce staff.

Time is running out to secure your pass. Register now and take advantage of these super smarts October 10-12. See you in Portland!


About Casey Carey

VP, Marketing at Monsoon Commerce.
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