Code of Conduct

Monsoon Commerce is solely responsible for the posts and comments on our blogs and forums and we are committed to enforcing a reasonable standard of interaction. We will not post unacceptable content and we will delete comments containing it. We consider the follow type of content to be generally unacceptable, as well as links to such content:

  • Content that is being used to abuse, harass, stalk, or threaten others
  • Content that is libelous, knowingly false, or misrepresents another person
  • Content that infringes upon a copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right
  • Content that violates an obligation of confidentiality
  • Content that violates the privacy of others

We reserve the right to determine if content is “unacceptable” on a case-by-case basis and our definitions are not limited to the above list. In addition, we reserve the right to change these standards at any time without notice.

The following guidelines define our approach and interactions on this blog, our user forums, and the social web:

  • We will not say anything online we would not say in person.
  • We connect privately before we respond publicly. When we encounter conflicts and misrepresentations, we make every effort to talk privately and directly to the person(s) involved–or find an intermediary who can do so before we publish any posts or comments about the issue.
  • We do not allow personal attacks. When someone publishes offensive comments, we will tell them so (privately if possible, see above).
  • We believe in an open and transparent environment and do not allow anonymous comments. We require those commenting to supply a valid email address before they can post; we do allow comments with an alias, rather than a real name.
  • We ignore trolls. We prefer not to respond to nasty comments about our blog or us and will not as long as they do not constitute abuse or libel.